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The NI technologies for the collection and sharing of Neuro-related data are important for the brain understanding. These information include electrical resources, papers, experimental data, mathematical models, simulations, URLs, etc. Hence, it is necessary to develop a database system to integrate these disparate resources into a single base named XooNIps, which serves as the Base Platform for each research fields.

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Stimulus Stimulus

Picture, movie and program files for experimental stimuli.
Picture / Movie / Program / Other
Book Book

Related Book Collection.
Data Data

Result data in numerical text/image/movie formats.
Excel / Movie / Text / Picture / Other
Memo Memo

Personal Memo Pad.
Simulator Simulator

Programs/scripts for simulation.
Matlab / Mathematica / Program / Other
Presentation Presentation

Electrical presentation files.
PowerPoint / Lotus / JustSystem / HTML / PDF / Other
Url Url

Link information.
Paper Paper

Related paper collection.
Conference Conference

Electrical presentation files for conference.
PowerPoint / PDF / Illustrator / Other
Tool Tool

Programs/scripts for data analysis.
Matlab / Mathematica / Program / Other
Binder Binder

Model Model

Model programs/scripts.
Matlab / Neuron / OriginalProgram / Satellite / Genesis / A-Cell / Other
File File

Various types of File.